A New Beginning

People say that good ideas come to you in the shower, and turns out they’re right. A couple of days ago, while in the shower I came up with writing a blog about Human Resources. Now why would I come up with that you ask? Well, I’m an HR student in Belgium and as a result I’m highly interested in HR. I try to keep up with my literature on the subject and I noticed that there’s a lack of students writing about Human Resources. In a way, that’s very normal. It’s not the most popular study subject in college and universities. Secondly, one needs a certain degree of experience in the field before being able to contribute something useful.

However I believe that young, budding HR professionals do have something to contribute because we can look at things with fresh eyes. So with those reasons in mind I’m going to try and give my thoughts on current events, articles I read, etc. I don’t claim to be an expert on anything, hence the name of the blog as well. A ‘padawan’ is a term from Star Wars. It refers to a student of the Jedi arts, in essence it’s someone who’s still a bit green behind the ears.

Now, time for some background information. As I said before I’m still a student. My name is Niels Van Hellemont, I’m turning 22 this Fall and I live in Belgium, Flanders to be more precise. I study a Bachelor after Bachelor in Advanced Business Management – Human Resources Management (Quite a mouthful, I know) at the Katholieke Hogeschool in Leuven. Before that, I attained a Bachelor in Office Management at the same university college. My hobbies include reading, watching movies and tv series, blogging and playing video games. That’s pretty much all you need to know, I’ll construct a page with more information and one for contact details should you want to get in touch with me.

That’s all for now, check back soon!


PS: Here, have a funny picture:

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